Sunday, 17 August 2008

Beautiful photos one in a billion shot

Live every day with enjoyment - we don't know what tomorrow will give us.

Can you imagine being in position to get one of these photos? A one in a billion shot.

The early birds catch the worms. Lovely birds are sharing the food.

Well-done eagle wonderful catch of fish. You deserve for this photo. Eagle has very large powerful hooked beaks for tearing flesh from their prey, strong legs, and powerful talons.

Hide and seek game: Grasshopper says with camouflage lizard, “I caught you and I will eat you.”

Mmmm… Yummy! Yummy! it is delicious. I love it.

I am very hungry. I need 2 fishes not 1. I will fry one fish and make a curry with other fish.

What a nice smell.

Little frog is asking you. I can dangle like this, can you?

I told you so many times not to put here.

Shhhhhhhh don’t make noise!

Can I join in your group.

This is my bed.

I can sleep like this, can you?

Follow me in a queue.


Steve said...

Superb collection and all of these pics are so beautiful, I am going to copy these pics.
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stacey green said...

All the pics are amazing. It is a nice shot. houses for sale in white rock